Our Board Members

Cheryl Markwell has lived in Southern Oregon most of her adult life, so she has a long-standing perspective of the blessings and challenges of living here. Except for some college jobs, her entire career has been in education, both at the classroom and the administrative level.

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Kevin Talbert is a community volunteer active in many local sustainability efforts including the Ashland Food Project, Master Recyclers, Jackson County Master Gardeners and OSU's Land Steward program.

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Tom Doolittle, a recent arrival from the California Central Coast, is happy to contribute to and help direct Thrive's mission and activities. He has recently retired from 40+ years in the Information Technology service industry.

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David Eliasen moved to Southern Oregon in 1979 after completing his B.A. degree in Secondary Education from Western Oregon University. He has worked for the City of Ashland since 1980, first in construction

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