Why Buy LocalWhy Buy Local Food?

Local food carries a wealth of benefits. It's fresh and tastes great. It keeps money in your region by putting dollars in farmers’ pockets. It fosters strong communities and has the potential to improve the landscape and natural environment.

What does local mean to you?  Your region?  Your state?  Your town? Your neighborhood? How far would you travel to get to know the source of your food?  Thrive's Rogue Flavor and Rogue Valley Grown projects encourage you to ask these questions of yourself and the places you shop.

You can help ensure continued access to local food that is good for you, good for farmers, good for the local economy and good for the earth. Here’s how:

Use the guide and our website:  Look for the The Rogue Flavor guidebook at many area locations. It will guide you to wonderful foods, wines and unique businesses throughout the the Rogue Valley.  Our online business directory can direct you to food businesses selling just what you're looking for.

Look for the Label:
At your local grocery and favorite restaurant, the Rogue Flavor and Rogue Valley Grown tags will identify foods produced locally. Please look for it and ask for it.

Use your voice:
Tell restaurants and retail stores that you found them in the Rogue Flavor guide and that it’s important to you as a customer that they buy from family farmers. The more that customers request local food and thank businesses for buying local, the more stores and restaurants will buy local food.

Join Thrive's efforts to rebuild our Rogue Valley food economy:
Thrive is working with local farmers and ranchers to expand our capacity to grow and process food locally.  Please support our efforts by joining today.

Support Thrive

You care about supporting local, sustainable, independently owned busineses. 

You can help Thrive protect the unique flavor of the Rogue Valley economy by joining us as an Individual Member or if you prefer, just click the donate button below to make a contribution of any size.

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