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Jared Renniesm"The choices regarding what to eat and drink are some the most important choices that we make, period. Supporting our talented neighbors who create high-quality products while also balancing social and environmental concerns isn't always the easiest or least expensive option, but it's the option that's most sustainable for the land and people involved." - Jared Rennie, Founder & Director of Coffee, Noble Coffee Roasting

Why Buy Local?

Reason #6: Maintain Uniqueness

Our one-of-a-kind Rogue Flavor businesses are an integral part of our distinctive regional character. The unique character our valley is what brought us here and will keep us here and keep visitors coming back. A local economy of diverse, unique businesses also attracts today's skilled workers and investors who can choose to settle and grow businesses anywhere.

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Rogue Flavor Food Guide

2014 Cover

Know your farmer,
know your food!

The Rogue Flavor guide helps you connect with some of the best agricultural and artisan foods in the world. The guide highlights what makes the Rogue Valley unique: the farms and food businesses that create the distinctive local flavor of our community.

Use our annual Rogue Flavor guide to find:

  • Farmers markets
  • Special food and farming events Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs
  • Neighborhood markets
  • Unique restaurants
  • Specialty foods
  • Wine, beer and spirits


Vote with your food dollar!

Purchasing locally preserves the unique character of our region, ensures the future of our small farmers and business owners and conserves energy by shortening the distance from the farm to your plate. You can put more money in the local economy by buying fresh local food that’s good for you, good for farmers and good for the local economy.

Learn more about local food!

About Rogue Flavor

campaign_pic1The Rogue Flavor campaign encourages your support and appreciation of our local farmers, winemakers and artisan producers of specialty foods. Our locally owned farms and food businesses create the distinctive flavor of our community –whether it’s world-class cheeses or your favorite local restaurant.

The rogue flavor label means that the product was grown or produced by a locally owned independent business in the Rogue River watershed.  Fresh fruits, vegetables and animal products were raised here.  Specialty food items are produced here, but may contain ingredients that were not grown in the Rogue Valley.

Local food carries a wealth of benefits. It's fresh and tastes great. It keeps money in your region by putting dollars in farmers’ pockets. It fosters strong communities and has the potential to improve the landscape and natural environment.

You can help ensure continued access to local food that is good for you, good for farmers, good for the local economy and good for the earth. Here’s how:

Look for the Label:
The Rogue Flavor CampaignAt your local grocery and favorite restaurant, the Rogue Flavor emblem will identify foods produced locally. Please look for it and ask for it. Look for the The Rogue Flavor guidebook at local food purveyors. It will guide you to wonderful foods, wines and flavors throughout the the Rogue Valley.

Use your voice:
Tell restaurants and retail stores that you found them in the Rogue Flavor guide and that it’s important to you as a customer that they buy from family farmers. The more that customers request local food and thank businesses for buying local, the more stores and restaurants will buy local food.

Join Thrive's efforts to rebuild our Rogue Valley food economy:
Thrive is working with local farmers and ranchers to expand our capacity to grow and process food locally.

Where To Get The Rogue Flavor Guide


Ashland Food Cooperative

Ashland Hostel

Ashland Springs Hotel

Ashland Chamber Visitors Center

Ashland Greenhouses

The Black Sheep Pub & Restaurant

Dana Campbell Vineyards

4 & 20 Blackbirds


Milagros Fresh Mexican

Noble Coffee Roasting


RV Growers & Crafters Market

Shop N Kart

Weisingers Family Winery



Bricktowne Brewing Co.

Buttercloud Bakery

Grains, Beans & Things

Grange Co-op

Jackson County Libraries  

Medford Visitors Center - 1314 Center Drive, Suite E

Medford Food Co-op

Old 99 Road Wine Shop

Pebblestone Cellars    

Quality Inn & Suites

The Right Plan

RV Growers & Crafters Market

RoxyAnn Winery 

White's Produce

Wise Women Care Associates                                                          

Wild River Brewing Co.


Cave Junction/Selma:

Diggin' Livin' Farm Store

Selma Center

Wild River Brewing Co.


Grants Pass:

Club Northwest

Downtown Visitors Center

Fort Vannoy Farms


Grange Co-op

Grants Pass Visitors Center

Grants Pass Farmers Market - 603 Rogue River Hwy

Grants Pass Growers Market

Ma Mosa's 

Naturopathic Clinic

Remax/Ideal Brokers

The Twisted Cork

Wild River Brewing Co.

Central Point:

Grange Co-op

Ledger David Cellars

OSU Extension Center

Rogue Creamery

Seven Oaks Farm

Caprice Vineyard & Alpaca Farm

Shooting Star Nursery



Plaisance Ranch

Pennington Farms

Sanctuary One


Upper Rogue/Eagle Point: 

The Butcher Shop

Butte Creek Mill

Harnish Wayside Park & Visitors Center     



Talent Evening Market

Phoenix Visitor's Center

Phoenix Farmer's Market - 4880 S Pacific Hwy.


DANCIN Vineyards

Cowhorn Vineyard

Daisy Creek Vineyard

Jacksonville Inn  

South Stage Cellars