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Farmers Markets

Shopping at one of the Rogue Valley's many farmers markets gives you a chance to get to know the people who grow your food. Our local markets are as unique as the people who sell there. Look for fresh-picked produce and plants to put in your garden, along with artisan foods and unique crafts. Many also accept WIC and Senior Nutrition Program coupons and some now take credit, debit and Oregon Trail cards.

Farmers markets are growing strong in the Rogue Valley. Almost every day of the week, you can find a market near your home or work, making buying local convenient and fun.


 Williams Farmers Market

New Location! SCA, 206 Tetherow Rd. Williams

When: 4pm - 6:30pm  Time of year: May 2 to October

More info: Facebook


Rogue Valley Growers & Crafters Market (RVGCM)

Where: Ashland National Guard Armory E. Main Street and Wightman

When: 8:30am-1:30pm Time of year: March 1 - November

More info: 541-261-5045  info at 

Accepts Oregon Trail 


No Markets



Rogue Valley Growers & Crafters Market (RVGCM)

Where: Medford Armory 1701 S. Pacific Hwy (Hwy 99 S of Stewart)

When: 8:30am-1:30pm  Time of year: March 3 - November 

More info: 541-261-5045  info at

Accepts Oregon Trail


Cave Junction Farmers Market

Where: Redwood Hwy. 199 and Caves Hwy. 46, on the Oregon Caves Chevron lot.

When: 4pm-7pm  Time of year: April 22 - September 23, 2016 

Talent Artisans & Growers

Where: Old Town Park (in front of skatepark) Main Street in Talent

When: 5:30-8:30 pm or dusk (whichever comes first) Time of Year: June 3 thru mid-September

More Info: 541-973-1357 talentartisansandgrowers at


Ashland Rogue Valley Growers & Crafters Market

Where: Oak Street in Downtown Ashland

When: 8:30am-1pm Time of Year: May - October 

More Info: 541-261-5045 info at

Accepts Oregon Trail

Medford Rogue Valley Growers & Crafters Market

Where: The Commons, Downtown Medford (6th & Bartlett)

When: 9am-1pm Time of Year: May 7, 2016 - October 

More Info: 541-261-5045 info at

Accepts Oregon Trail  

Grants Pass Growers Market

Where: 4th and F Street, Grants Pass

When: 9am-1pm Time of Year: outdoors March to Thanksgiving & indoors  Thanksgiving  to March at the Fairgrounds

Accepts Oregon Trail 


Jacksonville Farmers Market

Where: On the grounds of the Historic Jacksonville Courthouse/Museum

When: 10am-2pm Time of Year: June 5 to October 16, 2016

More Info: 541-899-3171

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