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Larks Home Kitchen Cuisine Ashland

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Larks restaurant, which opened in May 2005, celebrates Oregon: its farms, orchards, creameries and wineries, offering dishes that excite and surprise with freshness and flavors. The concept, "Farm to Table Comfort Food," was created by Becky Neuman who is passionately committed to offering the freshest, organic and local ingredients possible. Dishes created at Larks are a tribute to the local farmers and artisan food crafters. Larks’ executive chef, Damon Jones, is a master in showcasing opulent seasonal ingredients delivered daily from local farms, delighting visitors with the flavors of this amazing region. Larks restaurant presents changing menus that are locally sourced and globally artistic.

Larks Home Kitchen Cuisine Ashland

212 E. Main St., Ashland, 97520

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