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Medford Food Co-op

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Medford Food Co-op is your local community-owned grocery store. We feature organic produce from local farmers and a variety of local and regional products from bulk goods to beers and wines. Find affordable organic and natural products in our Co+op Basics program. Look for weekly Fresh Deals specials and biweekly Co+op Deals for even greater savings. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are here daily from 8am to 8pm and are happy to assist with your food and health related questions.

COMING SOON! The Café at Medford Food Co-op offers fresh, delicious, wholesome meals from house-made hot soups to custom sandwiches and creative salads. Nourish your family with real food: find healthy, organic options for busy schedules at The Café at Medford Food Co-op.

Medford Food Co-op

945 S. Riverside Ave., Medford, 97501

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