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Sherry's Pasta

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Sherry’s Pasta is made with the freshest ingredients mixed with years of cooking experience and a healthy helping of love, making our pastas taste as good as possible. All of our pastas are made with organic flours, herbs, fresh farm eggs, local olive oil and sea salt: lemon dill, herb, gluten free,Vegan, quinoa, angel hair, fettuccine, & rigatoni, just to name a few. Sherry also makes a delicious almond pesto (an old family recipe so good you won’t be able to stop eating it), roasted cashew pesto, vegan pesto, marinara sauce, and chimichurri sauce, all Gluten Free. Find Sherry’s Pasta at the grower’s markets in Ashland, Medford, and most local grocery stores. Available for purchase at the Joyful Yoga Studio in Jacksonville on Mondays. Please call ahead for pickup.

Sherry's Pasta

P.O. Box 1744, Jacksonville, 97530

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