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Grants Pass Growers' Market

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Grants Pass Growers’ Market
9am-1pm Saturdays
• Outdoors March through Nov. on the corner of F & 4th, Grants Pass.
• Indoors Nov. through March at the Josephine County Fairgrounds, 1451 Fairgrounds Rd.
Check website for exact dates. • 541-816-1144
The Grants Pass Growers’ Market is a 35-year-old community tradition that now takes place year-round. Both summer and winter markets are sensory extravaganzas bound to please even the most sophisticated palate. From fresh peaches and berries to sweet corn and carrots, tomatoes and squash, the produce is unsurpassed in quality and diversity. There are award winning wines, locally roasted coffee, organic beef and farm fresh eggs - literally something for everyone. It’s impossible to leave hungry because throughout the market you will find a variety of snacks or meals. Musicians and mimes will keep you entertained while artisans offer a unique array of gift ideas for you or your special someone. Join us. It’s our privilege to share this experience with you.

Grants Pass Growers' Market

1451 Fairgrounds, Grants Pass, 97527

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