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Diggin' Livin' Natural Foods & Farm Store

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  • Honey
  • Beef
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Diggin’ Livin’ Natural Foods & Farm Store is located on the Redwood Hwy in
the heart of Cave Junction across from Taylor’s Sausage. Looking for a
place to stop for your organic groceries? We have it here! We have a large
bulk selection, awesome Northwest microbrews, local and regional produce
and goodies galore. We sell produce, eggs, and honey from our farm,
including beeswax candles, jun (honey kombucha), and tonics.
Come and try our deli, with an awesome breakfast and lunch menu
featuring organic ingredients, and vegan/vegetarian and gluten free options
available. We make waffles, sandwiches, wraps and burritos to order,
with smoothies and juices coming soon.

Diggin' Livin' Natural Foods & Farm Store

143 S. Redwood Hwy, Cave Junction, 97523

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