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Immortal Spirits & Distilling Company

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Immortal Spirits & Distilling Co. has a tasting room in downtown Medford with a mighty little kitchen putting out amazing burgers featuring beef from the Applegate area and locally baked breads, hot sandwiches and small plate appetizers. A healthier approach to pub fare is what we are all about. Also includes a full bar featuring specialty cocktails utilizing our house made small batch Spirits, an amazing beer list, wine and sodas. Family friendly, private party room and occasional live music makes this a true hidden gem in the Rogue Valley.

Wine, Beer & Spirits:
Immortal Spirits & Distilling Co. is the Rogue Valley's largest distillery which produces 10 small batch spirits made by hand all in-house utilizing locally sourced ingredients, with more more spirits on the way. Our tasting room in downtown Medford features a full bar with custom cocktails & spirits flights, great food including small plates to amazing burgers, large craft beer list, wine, sodas and cozy atmosphere. We also have occasional live music and a private room for birthdays/company meetings/bachelorette parties etc. summer hours start in April with Mon-Thursday 12pm-9pm and Friday-Saturday 12pm to 12am.

Immortal Spirits & Distilling Company

141 S Central Ave., Medford, 97501

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